Why Is Fibreglass Grating Better Than Steel Grating?

Amco Fibreglass (FRP) grating step treads for corrosive environments

One of the most common questions is, “is steel the hardest material on Earth?” It’s a given fact that steel is used in various industries for its relentless strength. But what if there is a material more preferable than steel? If you are looking for an alternative solution for anti-slip treads, fibreglass grating is the option you are looking for. 

Steel is one of the most common building materials. But if you look at its properties like strength to weight ratio etc., fibreglass grating exceeds steel grating by a longshot. It offers the same level of strength but with a greater flex and tolerance for heavy loads, making it ideal for anti slip strips for stairs

Rise in high demand of fibreglass in building materials due to its anti slip properties and other quality corrosion factors.Fibreglass has certain qualities that work in favour of the buyers. However, on the other end, steel grating is as follows.

  • Prone to corrosion 
  • Can be costly 
  • Lacks the required flexibility and so on. 

So, keeping this information in mind, this article will give clear reasons that make fibreglass grating better than steel grating in various industries. 

What Is Fibreglass Composite Grating?

Fibreglass grating is lightweight and a competitive alternative to steel gratings. If you are looking for a suitable product for outdoors, none can do better than fibreglass composite grating. It is a combination of polymer composite material and a variety of different product technologies like the selection of suitable mold types, raw materials, appropriate additives and so on. 

The unique qualities of fibreglass grating not only makes it the best option for outdoor non-slip stair treads for snow but also increases stair safety

5 Reasons to Choose Fibreglass Grating Instead of Steel Grating 

Despite being the most rigid material, fibreglass outranks it in terms of grating material. Undoubtedly fibreglass grating is superior for several reasons. 

For people who are actively looking for more details about fibreglass grating, the following reasons may help you decide why fibreglass grating is a better option than steel grating. 

High strength 

Sounds surprising? It’s not! One of the significant reasons fibreglass grating gives a run for money to steel grating is high strength levels. Fibreglass grating might be rigid, but it offers improved strength. The high flexibility quality is yet another reason for the higher impact resistance as compared to steel. 

High durability 

Because fibreglass grating has high resistance to rust and corrosion, it’s a sound option in the longer run. This way, fibreglass grating does not require constant replacement compared to streel grating, which leads to higher costs. 

Safer option 

It is a safer option in terms of anti-slip nosing or even outdoor non slip stair treads for marine areas and so on. Fibreglass grating is designed in a way that prevents sliding. 

The material is non-skid, which increases the stair safety compared to steel grating, which can become slippery. 

Standard quality 

In construction, you need to buy products that meet strict regulations and rules. So fibreglass offers the required structural integrity too. For instance, it’s a safer option to use fibreglass grating for slip strips for stairs so that workers have a smooth surface to move on even in bad weather. 


Budget is also a primary concern for several buyers. Fibreglass grating is less expensive than steel grating. Also keep the additional costs in mind like special equipment, operator etc. that must be taken into account. Low maintenance is yet another quality reason for fibreglass graters to be cost-effective.  

7 Major Anti-Slip Characteristics of Fibreglass Grating 

When looking for anti slip nosing, you must keep specific characteristics of the material in mind. For a buyer, regardless of the industry use, fibreglass grating offers compatible properties that are beneficial like; 


Naturally, fibreglass is an incombustible material. It is a composite material that does not support a flame, emitting any smoke or toxicity if exposed to heat. 

Stable choice  

Since fibreglass is resistant to varying temperatures, it is an excellent option for slip resistant stairs in construction or plant sites. It works favouring the workers at the site, which also offers a low coefficient of linear expansion. 

It offers more excellent resistance as compared to steel grating. Thus, fibreglass grating is a durable option. 


Fibreglass is a composite material (as mentioned above), which means it is available in varying sizes, types and can be combined with other synthetic resins. For instance, fibreglass combined with resins is also workable in some cases. 


A significant benefit of fibreglass grating is it does not rot! Hence the reason it’s a great option as a safety stair treads for all industrial purposes. It remains unaffected or damaged by rodents or even insects as compared to steel grating. 

Thermal effective 

For a builder, it is compulsory to use a low thermal conductivity material. Therefore fibreglass is blessed with this certain quality as well. 

So if you are a builder, you would benefit from its thermal effectiveness. With weather changes, you will not have to worry about slippery stairs or treads with grip strips for stairs.


Industrial accidents occur due to operators slipping on stairs or treads more than often. This can be reduced with the anti-slip stair treads – a successful result of fibreglass grating. So you can say goodbye to onsite accidents even during heavy rainfall. 

Low maintenance 

Did you know that fibreglass is brightly coloured? It helps to improve the production environment, gives a bit of colour spark to the corrosive ambience and offers a modern touch to the modern factory. Besides, the high durability makes it low maintenance material too. 

Why is Fibreglass Grating Strong? 

Imagine if you can use a material that is strong but lightweight? The anti-ageing and long service life make fibreglass grating a stronger competitor than steel grating. Its mechanical properties, such as layup, resins, and fibre ratio to resin, are some of the impeccable reasons behind the added strength. 

Steel is the most rigid material with the lowest flexibility, but fibreglass grating’s flexibility makes it more robust and durable to enhance the life of materials. 

  • Coal Handling Prep Plants: Fibreglass grating is helpful for rust resistance and gives better contrast colours to restricted areas. Also, it brightens up the steps and stairs in low low environments
  • Chemical industry: Fibreglass grating is best used in the chemical industry for non-slip stair treads and much more. The anti-slip properties make it the ideal choice for a safety feature. 
  • Cooling towers: Lack of rust or corrosion makes fibreglass ideal for wet areas. Since cooling towers are always wet, the installation of fibreglass grating can help reduce accidents and be used for screening. 
  • Food processing: Chicken and beef processing plants are expected to be blood-stained. The use of fibreglass grating adds extra precaution for the slip resistance too as non slip strips for stairs
  • Metals and mining: Areas that are prone to chemical corrosion are often protected by fibreglass grating as steel is not a good option for grating. 
  • Automotive industry: It’s no surprise that almost all marine platforms and jetty’s are made  of fibreglass decking. This only reinforces that fibreglass grating more preferable for the mining industry. 

U-Tred Pro – Best Fibreglass anti slip cleats 

For quality fibreglass anti slip options there is the U-Tred Pro. It is very fast install without the need for screws and fastners! Fortunately, Amco Industries is leading its way to provide the antislip treads hazard reduction solution for stairs, landings, walkways, ramps and ladders suitable for all workplaces. 

Therefore the U-Tred series offers a great variety and is easy to install within 60-seconds. Some of the noticeable features of U-Tred Pro includes; 

  • Built of composite material to enhance its strength 
  • Anti slip stair nosing for offshore or construction sites
  • Made in higher visibility Nano555 green colour
  • Excessively fire resistance (up to 220 degrees Celsius!)
  • Easy to air freight due to lightweight 
  • Petroleum resistance (like diesel, oil heating oil’s etc.)
  • A corrosion-free solution and more!

Without a doubt, fibreglass grating is one of the most essential components for a range of industries.  Amco Industries understands the need and use of fibreglass grating.  Therefore, you have the choice to pick the one material that best meets your building or offshore requirements. Now, you can add a bit of colour and a needed safety precaution for all intents and purposes for your employees and workers. 

Bottom Line 

Summing it up, fiberglass grating is worth considering and Amco Industries is one of the affordable solutions for several industries and associated workplaces. So, if you must consider this option if you require the best slip resistant stair treads to promote workplace safety. The high-performance material is worth spending your hard-earned money on. 

The latest U-Tred Pro is one of the best sellers for its anti-slip properties, which makes a compelling choice to increase your workplace safety, avoid accidents, and is a cost-effective measure as a long-term asset. Rest assured; steel grating will be long forgotten when you make your first investment in fibreglass grating for your workplace. 

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