What are colour-coded anti-fatigue mats?

Amco colour-coded Orthomaster Healthcare anti-fatigue mats

What are colour coded anti fatigue mats? Who uses them? Do these mats really work? If you are also looking for answers to these questions, you have landed at the right place! This blog post will guide you through everything you need to know about colour coded anti-fatigue mats.

Anti-fatigue mats are floor mats with ergonomic properties. These mats give support for the body and decrease fatigue while users are working. These types of mats are generally utilized in offices, in kitchens, and workplaces that require a lot of walking and standing.

However, colour coded anti-fatigue mats are particularly used in food processing environments. The colour coded anti-fatigue mats are made to reduce bacterial migration risk and cross-contamination with sanitary and hygienic color-coded features.

Why food processing environments need colour coded anti-fatigue mats?

There can be different health risks involved for workers in the food processing work conditions. Anyway, personnel safety and contamination control are top concerns in this case.  Avoiding contamination is important in the food industry because the deadliest contaminants in the food processing environments are those that cannot be seen. In this situation, colour coded anti-fatigue mats with innovative features are your best defense against contaminants in the workplace.

Because of the nature of the food processing environment, you need to deal with the deadliest contaminants in the food industry. Colour coded anti-fatigue mats at food processing areas helps you keep a balance between employee safety and food safety.  

All Australian Matting Company (AMCO) colour coded anti-fatigue mats are created using specific formations and with unique designs that gives great adherence and instant liquid evacuation. From anti-microbial and anti-slip features, to sanitize viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants from the bottom of shoes, these colour coded anti-fatigue mats will meet your food processing environment needs while also reducing the risks of falls and slips, which is the ideal solution for standing workers.

Between cleaning, spills, and various other watery occurrences, the wet floors can lead to a genuine threat for workers. However, these anti-fatigue mats allow these slippery substances to drain through towards the floor so that workers can stand on dry mats with traction.

If you want to ensure employee safety and contamination control, you just can’t buy any floor mat and expect it to deal with these issues linked with food processing environments. However, a quality colour coded anti-fatigue mat can help food industry employees to move around without fear of getting sore feet and lower back pain, while providing various other benefits. 

Coloured coded anti fatigue mats – Amco

Final words

All things considered, colour coded anti-fatigue mats provide ample support for workers in the food processing and medical environments that need to be TGA approved. It just takes few minutes of standing for workers to feel fatigue and get sore legs, while longer periods of standing on hard surfaces can prompt genuine medical problems like joint stiffness, back pain, increase the onset varicose veins and more.

Moreover, it is important to deal with contamination problems in food processing environments. In these conditions, colour coded anti-fatigue mats provide employees the cushion they need to stay effective and feel great throughout the day, creating better days for employee and employer alike. Amco manufactures these anti fatigue mats in Australia so no long waiting times if needing them in a few days. Support manufacturing in Australia and keep our safety matting manufacturing local.

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