Using Anti-Fatigue Mats in Commercial Kitchens

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The food and beverage industry is one of the major industries with high rates of accidents from slips and falls. At restaurants, a few accidents may happen in the dining area; however, most accidents are the result of the fast-moving activities that take place in the kitchen. A common cause is the result of an oil and grease build-up on the floor due to cooking.

Comfort and Safety

Waiters, chefs and other kitchen staff experience aches and tension on their limbs and lower back from standing on a hard surface for prolonged periods of time. The fatigue causes their productivity to decline. Strategically placing an anti-fatigue mat on the kitchen floor and food service area promotes a more comfortable and safer setting for kitchen staff. Key areas for an anti-fatigue mat include dishwashing areas, cooking stations, and frying stations.

A Clean Mat is a Safe Mat

Although placing the mat in these areas ensures comfort and safety, the floors in these areas soon become the dirtiest in the kitchen. To ensure that your kitchen mat is kept clean, use a deck brush with cleaning solution to scrub both sides of the mat. Degreasers and harsher chemicals are not always necessary. You can make your own cleaning solution by mixing hot water with dishwashing detergent.

When scrubbing, add more pressure where oil and grease have built up. After scrubbing, rinse the mat thoroughly and hang it on a rack to allow it to air dry. Before you place the mat back, check the floor is clean and dry as well. By maintaining the kitchen mat, you prolong its service life.

The Australian Matting Company, also known as AMCO, offers the Orthomaster® anti-fatigue kitchen floor mat. It is a preferred choice for the food processing and hospitality catering industry. Using the Orthomaster® kitchen mat adds comfort and safety to your kitchen.

For more details about AMCO’s range of anti-fatigue mats, call 1800 888 598.

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