The Best Reasons to Install Commercial Entrance Matting Systems

Commercial Entrance Matting

When people walk into a commercial building, they can take all kinds of things with them, including dirt, mud, sand and other types of grime. An entrance mat can keep debris from winding up all over your building’s floors and creating a very much run of the mill grimy feel and look. It’s a great way to protect carpets, avoid hazards, and keep the building clean and looking exceptionally smart. 

According to one report, the worldwide market for entrance mats was valued at approximately 3.9 billion pounds in 2018. In the next few years up to 2025, it’s expected to increase by 5.1%. Entrance mats for commercial buildings are becoming increasingly popular because these mats can trap dirt and debris.

An entrance matting system can benefit facilities in countless ways. These are just a few of the reasons you’ll want to install commercial entrance matting at your facility sooner rather than later:

Commercial Entrance mats Reduce the Cost of Upkeep 

When people have to walk over an entrance mat before entering a building, they’ll be tracking in less water, dirt, and grime. This can make it easier to keep building clean. 

Investing in a commercial entrance mat can reduce what you spend on upkeep. Your floors will stay clean for longer, and you’ll be able to utilize fewer cleaning products. It could even increase the lifespan of your flooring. You can put the money you save towards other building projects. These savings can add up quickly over time.

Commercial Entrance Mats Promote Your Brand 

Marketing Specialist Shane Perry from Max Funding says,

Having the right matting system at the entrance of your building can be an excellent way to promote your brand. Typically, the mats used at the entrance of commercial facilities include company logos. Known as “logo mats,” these matting systems can help to build customer confidence. When these mats are properly printed, they can be an excellent way to promote your brand. They’re attention-grabbing, and prospective customers will continue to think about the logo after they’ve walked past the mat. Logo mats can also be used for adverts or other types of promotions.”

Reduce the Risk for Slips and Falls with Commercial Entrance Matting

Slippery Floor Entrance Matting Solutions
Figure 2 – Slippery Floor Entrance Matting Solutions

There’s no way to totally eliminate the risk of falls. However, when your footwear doesn’t have sufficient grip, walking on the smooth floors in a commercial building can be dangerous.

Commercial Entrance mats are textured, which means they’re a safer surface to walk on. They can also remove water, which reduces risk of slipping.

The best way to reduce the risk of falls is to install mats with rubber backing. Although these mats tend to be more costly, they’re also highly resilient. They have better grip and deliver better performance than vinyl floor mats. 

After commercial entrance matting has been installed, you’ll want to pay close attention to the wear patterns. If you notice that a particular part of the mat is seeing a lot of wear, or if certain mats are more worn down than others, you may want to try rotating them in the same way you would with your vehicle’s tires. If your mats still seem to be wearing out quickly, larger mats may be necessary to accommodate the foot traffic that your building receives. You could also try installing more matting.

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