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Featured case study from AFFCO NZ Ltd.

 Quite good. Good on the legs and feet. Body felt good going home at the end of the day. Noticed a big difference when it was removed after the trial. Can I have it back.

Elliot Hita (Beef Boning Room)


Excellent. Was good for my feet, knees, hips and back. The mat was good at minimizing the jars and stops of the rise and fall stand at the bottom and top of the
stand. Keen to have it back today.

Mark Nugent (Beef Boning Room)


We want it. Made a big difference minimizing the jolts of the rise and fall stands. Relieved the pain felt in back.

Airini Rewi (Beef Boning Room)


It is a very good mat. No slip when stepping onto the mat, even under wet conditions. It does tend to creep during the day, but it might be just the combination of the slopped surface and the wet conditions. The devilled edges made it so that the mat is not a trip hazard when stepping on or of the mat. Best mat that I have used in the 35 years on the job. It is also light weight and easy to clean. Sawmen would benefit from this size mat.

Gavin Callaghan (Lamb Cuts)


As the supervisor, many operators asked if they ca have this or a similar mat, after walking over or standing on it for a while. This mat will be removed under duress once the trial is completed.

Rikki Hartley (Lamb Cuts)


The mat is easy to clean, compared to the current mats with holes. The solid piece design does not trap pieces and scraps of meat like to mats with the holes. It is also lighter compared to the old mats. It takes the cleaning process, hot and soapy.

Janet Huata (Cleaners)


Hear from more of our happy customers in the food and beverage industry

“Thank you for the follow up. The guys on the floor very impressed. The Orthomaster mats have held up well in our working environment. I am actually looking to purchase another mat.”

Lion Co

“I have received lots of very good feedback. The difference it has made to how they feel after each shift is massive, you have made our fillers very happy. So thank you for contacting me and offering me a trial mat”


T.M. Kagome

“I was getting some comments from a few colleges about our new mats, it seems they are very well received. Having to stand on concrete all day does make your legs and feet sore by the end of the week , it seems that people have been feeling much better after standing some of the day on your ORTHOMASTER mats. Being so light weight they are easy to roll up as we constantly have to clean our work stations and hose down the floors. Once word gets out, I’m sure there will be more orders for the other production hall


It was refreshing to be dealing with an Australian company and Genuine ,Salt of the earth people such as you and Dan. So thanks for your visit and Thanks for being able to supply us with relieving ORTHOMASTER mats.”

R. P. Tooheys Brewery

“Improved employee comfort levels and safety standards. Better comfort levels for employees working on packing line. Cleaning is a lot easier with the light weight matting and soilage is easily removed. There has been definite positive feedback from staff with respect to comfort levels. We would consider future purchases of the Orthomaster mats.”


B.P. Contracts & Services Officer, Meals On Wheels

“Mats are going extremely well…. everyone (and their legs and feet) love them! I talk them up all the time!”


Head Chef, Bellota Wine Bar

“I have been working on Orthomaster anti fatigue kitchen mats for years now. Professionals in the bar industry are quite frankly getting older and we are all looking for ways to be more kind to our bodies. Working on top of the Orthomaster mats is kind on the ankles and knees and even gives greater lifespan to shoes. I dont wear through 4 pairs of shoes per year anymore. Many thanks”


R. G., National Bar Manager. Rockpool Dining Group, ROCKPOOL BAR & GRILL SYDNEY

“Our staff we very enthusiastic about the Orthomaster mat. It gave better relief over long periods of standing and our staff now specifically ask for this mat.It also provides good slip protection. Quality has also approved it for use in a food manufacturing / GMP environment.”


S.G. SHE Coordinator, Goodman Fielder Limited

“Orthomaster mats have benefited our business from an OHS, Quality and Sanitation point of view. Orthomaster mats are light weight making it easier for our people to handle them, and are comfortable from a comfort mat point of view, for our operators to stand on at their work stations for long periods of time.These mats are an asset not a liability to the quality team due to their Antimicrobial properties which since their introduction to our filling rooms and cooker floor these mats have helped us eliminate comfort mats as a harborage point from the above stated areas. Staff feedback has been positive in regards to these mats due to them being light weight making cleaning easier to move around while cleaning. Being one piece with no holes, these mats are easier to clean and eliminate cheese build over the course of a week’s production. All in all these mats are a leap forward in comfort mats due to being light weight & antibacterial.”


N.E. CIP/Sanitation, Bega Cheese Limited.

“Our staff alternate sitting and standing positions and find standing positions much more comfortable with the Orthomaster mats. We started with a small number of the orthomaster kitchen floor mats to trial and as more areas heard about them, we received many requests for them. Comfort while working is hugely important to our team and we do our best to ensure we provide this. When our people are comfortable they feel more positive about their work and this helps us keep our site culture positive. Our production teams manage their own periodic cleans, and noted the light weight of these mats compared to others we’ve used. Their ability to withstand washing with hot water is also a great benefit to us. Everyone who stands on the sample mat I keep in the OHS office comments on how soft and supportive it feels.”


J.M. WHSO and FSA, Occupational Health and Safety Officer, Campbell Arnott’s.

“This is the only mat we have been able to get passed the quality dept, so from a safety and quality side it is a very good mat. We have also recommended the mat to other national foods sites – some of which are now using this mat. I have no problem recommending this mat to other business and have done so. We have had favorable comments from visiting safety practitioners. As there is a lot of standing on concrete floors, it helps with the fatigue on their legs and knees. We have an aging workforce so this is of great benefit. The staff love it and say it is the best mat we have ever had. The cleaners have also given it the thumbs up as they are light enough to pick up and clean. They are easy to clean. Yes they do comment on the comfort as well as visitors that have seen them. These orthomaster mats have definitely helped with engagement of our people and we have not had one negative word from any employee. Before these mats we had been told that all mats from the factory would have to go because of quality concerns. We now have a happy work force because of your anti fatigue matting.”


L.L. OHS Coordinator, National Foods

“We have seen improved production efficiencies as our operators appear to be more comfortable on their feet and they have more intensity in their work ethic. The comfort in the mats as well as the ease in which they can be cleaned. There is a good positive feedback from the staff and there is also increased alertness on their behalf. They have acknowledged improvement from the previous mats we used. Happy to purchase more when we require them.”


G.L. QA Manager, Omniblend

“We have both the 900×600 and 900×1500 Orthomaster sizes in use and the Operators find them very comfortable and great to have under foot. The smaller ones we have situated on floor tiles in a walkway and they are non slip and have the holes to allow water drainage so as not to provide a slippery surface when stepping off the mat with wet boots. The larger ones are at filler work stations and bottle depal stations where operators stand for many hours during the day.The filler ones are with holes and the blow molding one is without the holes as it is a dry area. The mats are spongy and give the operators spring in their step while at their machines. The anti fatigue kitchen mats with holes are much preferred for ease of cleaning.”


K. S. Compliance Co-ordinator, Parmalat Australia Ltd

“Thanks for the fab Orthomaster anti fatigue kitchen mats, really enjoying them, and as all chefs need some back support and at Margan we go hard for 14-18 hours a day in the kitchen. On hard floors moving at high speed before was causing me a lot of pain after four long days at work but the change is wonderful and I am very happy. Glad to have come across you products and will recommend them to all in the industry.”


I.A. Head Chef, Margan Winery, Broke NSW

“Our team are very happy with the Orthomaster anti fatigue kitchen mats. The comments are around how comfortable it is to stand on compared to the previous type we had.
They are relatively lightweight and the rep was extremely helpful and knowledgeable.”


S.J. QA Manager, Coca-Cola Amatil

“Orthomaster #1 has boosted the moral of our workers who stand on their feet for 8 and 12 hour shift on our production lines. Having stood on old hard mats for the past number of years workers where highly delighted with the new cushioned feel under their feet. The soft cushioned feel under the feet located at key production line stations, in conjunction with good work boots Orthomaster #1 is contributing to reducing back and leg pain from static positions. Being in the food industry the mats are ideal to keep in line with our food quality requirements and keep our customers happy. Our cleaners have noticed that they are much lighter to maneuver and are very easy to keep clean. Being solid mats they have also helped keep areas looking presentable as our previous mats had the holes in them and collated dust and dirt in the holes. Our workers definitely appreciate the new anti fatigue matting compared to the old and find them much more comfortable. I have even heard one person say they were too soft! I believe our cleaning cost have remained the same however we get a much cleaner product using the solid mats so this is benefit. I love these mats they are fantastic. Once one department got them and the word spread it wasn’t long before another department came asking me for the details to place an order.”


M.F. Workplace Health and Safety Officer, Bundaberg Sugar Ltd

“I have dealt with Will Small in the past in regards to finding a suitable mat for our employees as they stand on a hard surface over prolong periods of the day. I found Will to be excellent in customer service he provided me with a trial mat, that at 1st I had some reservation with. After we trialed that mat at our site in Forest Street the employees found the mat to be of much benefit reducing their legs getting fatigue and also they were much lighter than the normal ones we had previously purchased. After the initial trial we purchased some 7 mats for our site at Forest Street and also purchased another 10 or so at our other site. So thank you to Will Small for bringing these mats to my attention, I also had dealings with Carissa who was quite pleasant to work with, so thank-you to her as well.”


M.M. Human Resources Coordinator, Bulla Dairy Foods

“A resounding success on all fronts regarding operator comfort, happiness, light weight, and ease of cleaning. This is a comment on the coloured Orthomaster range we put into our production departments. The larger Mat that we put in the Canteen has been great. It is very lightweight and easy for the hygienists to move when cleaning It has been a successful move from our previous range of mats”


R.G. Site Purchasing Co-ordinator, Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing.

“It has made our workers who stand in one spot for most of the day more comfortable with less leg/foot pain. Both the comfort and weight – have happier people who are more comfortable at their work stations.Compared with other matting we have on site, these are extremely light and easy to maneuver to different locations. These tend to be moved before cleaning, unlike the heavier ones on site, they get left and cleaned around! Yes they do comment on the comfort of the Orthomaster anti fatigue matting, they are amazed at how soft yet durable it is. We think they are a great product and the weight of them is excellent for manual handling – they can be carried – we don’t need a trolley to move them.”


P.F. Production Assistant, Vinpac International

“Following exhaustive searching, I had the opportunity to trial a number of Orthomaster mats that Will supplied. I must say, not all of our Associates could be wrong. They noticed a considerable improvement in comfort. Considering the type of environment that some of our team members work in, this was an exceptional result. I have no hesitation in recommending that these mats be trailed in an environment that requires folks to stand for considerable periods of time on concrete or grating. One must however be mindful of the weight factor when having to move these for the purpose of cleaning. “


S.P. Site Services Co-Ordinator, Mars.

“We are very happy with the new mats, we will continue to order more as required.”


S.C. SGP2 Continuous Improvement Co-Ordinator, Don KRC.

“All operators that I have contacted have nothing but praise for your orthomaster non slip mats. They are not experiencing fatigue or any aches and pains in the lower legs.”


N.H. – Norco Foods

“All of the team find the Orthomaster anti fatigue mats make a remarkable difference in how they feel at the end of the day. I was only just thinking we will need to ensure mats in all of the Cube bars.We have experienced changes along the way so I would prefer to have the area closer to completion prior to placing an order. What would be the lead time on custom shape mat?
Many thanks,”


R. W., Cellar Door & Tourism Manager, D’Arenberg Wines

“Yes the kitchen staff trialled the anti fatigue kitchen mat for several weeks. Both Cooks agreed that the best feature was the comfort – no more sore feet and no more soreness in calf muscles. The light weight is great – easy to move – great for manual handling The benefit to the organisation – it is an item we placed on our continual improvement – less stress on staff’ limbs, more comfort – a happier staff what more could you ask for? The only comment I may add is that it shows all the dust – as it is black in colour – and living in the country – dusty shoe soles – leave foot imprints, but other than that great!”


J.B. Timbrebongie House

“The Orthomaster anti fatigue matting has alleviated all problems associated with physical stress caused by prolonged periods of standing within our factory. This has been the major attribute to boosting morale amongst our workforce. From a quality perspective the Orthomaster mat tick all the boxes, particularly as there are no areas for water or liquid to pool and attract unwanted pathogens. Our team members are especially happy about the light weight and simplicity to clean the Orthomaster mat. Our staff absolutely love the comfort and wish that the entire factory floor was made of Orthomaster mats. The solid Orthomaster mat uses less effort, less chemical and less water to clean, which has improved our operational costs. The Orthomaster mat is amazingly comfortable, easy to move, easy to clean, and great at boosting morale within a food manufacturing environment.”


S. N. Technical Leader, Lion.

“Since first coming across Orthomaster kitchen floor mats nearly five years ago I am convinced that there is no other floor mat worth having. From high intensity cocktail Bartending at Eau De Vie, to long double shifts at Rockpool Bar and Grill everyone I have recommended the Orthomaster system to have been thoroughly blown away with the level of comfort, safety and fatigue prevention these mats provide. When it came time for me to open my own restaurant there was really no option. These are truly the best I’ve come across in over a decade in the industry”

C. B. – Owner, Annata Sydney

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