Seppeltsfield Chooses Orthomaster®

Amco cellar door anti fatigue mat – Seppeltsfield Winery

Next time you visit the Barossa Valley in South Australia, or if you happen to find yourself in Adelaide, be sure to drop in at Seppeltsfield.

While you’re there, try a drop of their fantastic Para Port, and if you can, step in behind those new circular tasting booths they have and try out some of their new anti-fatigue matting. You’ll be amazed at how great the Port is, (it’s the best) and how comfy the orthopedic mats are.

The Orthomaster mats used inside those booths is without a doubt the best product on the market for areas where people are serving wine to budding sommeliers. It’s also great for use on production lines, packaging lines and standing work stations.

As well as cushioning the feet with its anti-fatigue properties, the Orthomaster is also a closed cell mat.

It’s obviously much more versatile though. There’s more to matting than just stopping the feet getting sore (and did you know that a lot of back pain is linked to feet and lower leg pain) – with your matting you want it not only comfortable, but also lightweight and easy to move as well as custom made to your specific needs, so that where you need cushioning, you get it- all the time, every time.

Orthomaster is one of the best mats for this scenario, as it can be custom made to suit virtually any area you need it to. For the Seppeltsfield booths, they were custom made into perfect circles -giving 360° of comfort, 365 days of the year.

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If your workforce spend their days on their feet then we have a product that will make their load easier. Specialising in orthopaedic matting solutions, we are the anti-fatigue and anti-slip mat company you can trust.

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