Workease Industrial Mat

The Workease mat is the perfect mat for operators at lathes, needing a mat with lots of holes to catch swarf, but also a good degree of comfort. Traditionally, mats with holes were only designed for non-slip purposes. The Workease is unique, in that it is also one of the most comfortable and ergonomic safety mats on the market, doubling as both a non-slip and anti-fatigue mat.

A real benefit of the Workease is the conical non-slip lugs that lift the main body of the mat from the floor. It’s these points that mean cutting fluid, coolant and water can flow easily under the mat, without getting caught up and pooling – if your guillotine, lathe, drill press, mill or some other machine from your workshop is a particularly leaky or wet one, the Workease is a must for you.

The Workease is available in two different formulas, depending on where the mat will be used. Our natural rubber formula is ideal for scenarios like in front of a water cutter, where it’s mostly just water or weak chemicals getting onto the mat. However, if you want to use it in front of the kero bath, or it’s getting loads of coolant on it, opt for the grease & oil resistant type, which is a nitrile blend.

  • Best industrial safety mat available for anti-fatigue in very wet areas
  • Natural rubber and nitrile blend formulas are fire retardant
  • Conical lugs provide excellent drainage with minimal surface contact
  • Bevelled edges on all sides to reduce tripping hazards
  • Slim 15mm profile allows welding trolleys or forklifts to roll over it if need be

Standard Sizes
1500 x 900mm | 3000 x 900mm
Custom Sizes
4m to 20m x 900mm | Other custom sizes easily achievable