Workease Food Mat

The Workease mat is specifically designed as an anti-slip mat for the food care and food processing industry, but one that also provides an excellent degree of anti-fatigue support and comfort. In comparison to similar anti-slip mats, it has no equal in terms of comfort. Where it excels in is very wet food processing facilities, and in oily commercial kitchens. Although slightly weightier than your standard anti-fatigue mat, at only 10kg it’s not unduly heavy to move for cleaning purposes.

A key feature of the Workease is the conical non-slip lugs on the underside. These elevate the mat from the floor and help provide comfort, but more importantly they mean that only the minimum amount of the mat has surface contact with the floor. This makes it ideal for in situations where a lot of drainage is required, as the liquid can freely flow under the mat and get away safely, without being held up.

The Workease is available in two unique formulas. The first, a natural rubber formula which is the perfect and economical option for areas where it is dry, or water is the only, or major, liquid. The second is a nitrile blend which is gives the mat grease, oil and chemical resistance for use in dirty or greasy areas.

  • Best safety mat on the market for anti-fatigue in very wet areas
  • Both natural and grease resistant formulas are fire retardant
  • Minimal floor contact provides excellent drainage
  • Bevelled edges on all sides to reduce tripping hazards
  • Slim 15mm profile allows trolleys to roll over it if need be
  • Food grade

Standard Sizes
1500 x 900mm | 3000 x 900mm
Custom Sizes
4m to 20m x 900mm | Other custom sizes easily achievable