Weldmaster Mat

The perfect anti-fatigue welding mat to protect concrete floors from weld spatter. Show your employees you care by providing the strongest possible evidence of your commitment to safety with a premium fire-retardant mat for industrial welding bays. The Weldmaster is tough and resilient, suitable for use in oily and greasy environments and with high resistance to a lot of chemicals found in workshops!

The Weld Master #808 welding mat provides superior comfort and is an excellent anti-slip surface mat. They are user-friendly, possess high tensile strength, and are easy to clean. Perfect for Machinists and Welders working in welding bays, the Amco welding mat is designed to withstand all cleaning methods, including chemicals, steam, and high-pressure cleaning.

These Amco welding mats not only offer anti-fatigue benefits in welding bay environments but also significantly reduce weld spatter that can erode concrete workshop floors. Weld spatter can erode floors within a short span of 3-5 years, necessitating costly resurfacing. By utilizing Amco welding mats, you can save substantial costs on resurfacing your concrete welding bays in the future.

The Weldmaster extra heavy-duty surface is an ideal choice for Schools and Tafes, offering robust protection for commercial floors. Its protective top surface can withstand hot metal sparks of up to 1500°C, making it resistant to metal chips, self-extinguishing, and compliant with the flammability test standard DOC-FF-1-70.

  • Exceptional resistance to extremely high temperatures.
  • Excellent for oily and slippery areas.
  • Heat bonded in manufacturing, not glued together later like other laminated styles.
  • Exceptional anti-fatigue properties.
  • Fire retardant and self-extinguishing welding mat.
  • The AMCO welding mats provide concrete floors great protection from weld spatter.
  • Welding Mat Passes Flammability Standard DOC-FF-1-70
  • Anti-Static ANSI/ESD 57-1 1994
  • Tough resilient anti-fatigue mat suited to all factory conditions.
  • Bevelled edges on all four sides for easy cart and trolley access.
  • 2-year warranty.

Standard Sizes
1500x900mm | 800x900mm | 3000x900mm
Custom Sizes
Available on request