U-Tred Pro Grate Cleat

With calls over the last 5 years for a non-metal variant of the standard U-Tred, Amco came to the party with the re-developed U-TredPRO. The original brief from a customer operating gas and oil platforms in the Indian Ocean was a lightweight substitute, made from a non-corrosive metal placement composite, that was fire retardant so as to be safe for use on offshore platforms – and was UV stabilised. It’s fair to say we more than delivered, with the new addition to the U-Tred grate cleat family – a 100% composite, fire retardant option in the new Nano555 Higher Vis green.

Hydrocarbon and petrochemical chemical resistance was another key feature of the U-TredPRO brief. Fair to say we fairly smashed this requirement as well, with this newer variant resistant to a number of chemicals including; Ethyl Acetate, Ethyl Chloride, Heptane, Lead Acetate, Methane, ethanol, Methyl Acetate, plus loads more. In addition to this, the U-TredPRO is awesome for use in water treatment plants, as it handles all the savage chemicals in use at these plants with ease.

In short, if the standard metal U-Treds are a bit heavy for your apprentices to lug around site, or you have a very corrosive environment – or you’d like to deck out your site with the new Nano555 green (the most visible colour to the human eye) treads the U-TredPRO is for you!

  • Self-Cleaning rounded top bridge. Wet and dry debri slide off with ease
  • Higher Visibility Nano555 Green colour
  • UV resistant for harsh offshore environments
  • 100% metal replacement composite, on-corrosive material
  • Ultra-high 220°C melting point
  • Registered design in USA, Aus, Canada, UK
  • Next level high tensile & impact strength for lifetime durability