Sweepex Grain Brooms

Get more from your forklift with Amco Nordicc Sweepex Mega Grain Brooms. Designed to sweep grains, coal, wet slurry (wet fertilizer), and other materials in large bunkers, processing sites, and shipping terminals. Amco Nordicc Mega Grain Brooms are ideal for heavy-duty sweeping tasks that exceed the scope of regular mechanical sweeper machines. Check testimonials in downloads from Grain Companies across Australia. also check videos below

Easily attachable to forklifts, loaders, or telehandlers, they provide quick and effective sweeping solutions in seconds. The simplicity of design allows for easy bristle replacement, built with no moving parts. The closely spaced bristles trap fine particles with excellent dust suppression, ensuring minimal airborne particles.

  • Quick attachment to most equipment in 45 seconds!
  • Replacement bristles changed out in 15 minutes!
  • Range of sizes available to suit all mobile machinery.
  • Very low dust generation, reducing respiratory problems associated with grain dust.
  • No bearings, chains, or hydraulics to maintain, minimizing downtime for maintenance.
  • Reduced machinery investment – Sweepex Mega Broom fits all equipment.
  • Easy transport from site to site in utes or trailers.
  • Massive labour cost avoidance proof associated with Sweepex Mega Broom.

2440mm Wide
With 11 rows of replacement bristles (MBK960)
1800mm Wide
With 11 rows of replacement bristles (MBK720)