Swarf Mat

The Swarf Mat is Amco’s answer to constant requests from machine shops who were wanting mats that didn’t cut up with swarf rubbing into them all day, and didn’t bubble up or buckle when exposed to hydraulic oil or cutting fluid for days on end. We built this mat from a high grade nitrile formula, and as a result, a 100% grease/oil proof mat was born – which is tough enough to have swarf and shavings rubbed into it all day without cutting or tearing despite its thin profile.

Coming in a solid option, or with holes, the Swarf Mat can suit all types of workshops – whether you prefer to pick you mats up and shake them into the bin each week, or if you like them to drain any oil spillage onto the floor, one of these options will work for you no matter what your workshop setup is. We can also customize them to any length, width and shape so you can fit out any machine in the shed!

Undoubtedly the toughest mat in the market for workshop environments, the Swarf Mat will handle petrol, grease, oil, acids, hydraulic/cutting fluid, swarf, weld spatter and more. Not much more really needs to be said!

  • Awesome mat for anti-slip purposes in the workshops
  • Best swarf trap mat on the market to help keep your workshop clean
  • Fully customizable, and available with/without drainage holes
  • Made from a high-grade nitrile formula for maximum durability and performance
  • Medium weight – easy to take outside for hosing, but won’t slip around
  • Slim profile – 9mm high – which can be put under or over 3 phase leads or hydraulic/air lines

Standard Sizes
600 x 900mm – holes only | 1500 x 900mm | 3000 x 900mm