StrongGrip Mat

Strong and grippy, obviously! Made from high grade PVC extrusion, welded togetherto create the ideal mat for covering long walkways, be it over cement or uneven ground. The ribs flex to suit the surface underneath, and provides an excellent degree of stability to pedestrians walking over uneven or broken ground. Excellent for school walkways outside, construction sites or muddy areas. The two way rib system also allows great drainage and air flow, so there is typically no residue left on the track or walkway once the mat is moved.

Being made from PVC means that StrongGrip is not adversely affected in any way by oil, petrol, water or any of your industrial grade acids/cleaners. This makes it ideal for covering slippery concrete washdown bays and even as a way to create an elevated walkway in a bund. Likewise it’s also a good mat for catching debris, such as swarf, in a workshop as it can be easily lifted up and swept under to keep the area clean.

Being PVC has excellent temperature resistance, the StrongGrip has ben used with a lot of success in cold storage or freezer storage warehouses. Coming with a standard 50mm yellow edge on the long side, this provides excellent visual reference when walking in low-light conditions.

  • Super durable PVC ribs for maximum toughness in heavy industrial areas
  • 50mm long edges come standard in a hi-viz yellow
  • Classified as resistant to flame DIN 4102 part 1 Classification B2 Limiting Oxygen index 20
  • UV stabilized, perfect for marine applications
  • Proof against all oils, petroleums, grease, water, industrial grade cleaners/acids

Standard Sizes
Any length x 900mm or 1200mm or 1500mm