Safer Mat

The toughest anti-slip mat on the market! Plenty of ‘grease proof’ or ‘grease resistant’ mats on the market are a mix of different rubbers. Mostly latex, silicon, PVC and latex. The latex is cheap, and when blended with a more expensive material at different ratios it gives a degree of grease resistance. In time though, these cheapo mats go the same way as their 100% latex cousins. Not so the Safer mat though! It’s made from 100% high grade nitrile, meaning you can leave this is a tub of petrol or fat or oil overnight and nothing will happen to the mat.

The Safer mat is ideal for slippery floors in commercial kitchens with plenty of oil, anti-slip mats in boning rooms or for grip on slippery cool room floors. The criss-cross pattern provides grip whichever angle you enter the mat from, and the same pattern replicated on the underside gives it good surface tension, stopping it from sliding around.

The Safer mat also has a fully dammed edge which is perfect for catching spills and holding them until the mat can be cleaned without spilling onto the floor – or if required there is an option with holes to provide drainage in extremely wet areas, such as wash up sinks.

  • Raised dam edge contains liquids without spillage
  • Awesome non-slip mat for oily or greasy areas
  • 100% nitrile construction gives the best oil and chemical resistance of any mat
  • Fairly lightweight, very easy to clean
  • Grips to floors where other mats move
  • Available with or without holes

Standard Sizes
600 x 900mm | 1500 x 900mm