Safer Mat

For kitchens, wet areas or slippery floors where there is plenty of water or oil on the floor the safer mat is your number one go-to solution. With a multidirectional anti-slip pattern on both the top and bottom, the Safer Mat provides excellent drainage underneath and grip from all angles up on top. These properties make it perfect for use in area where there is lots of liquid such as around scrub sinks, dishwashers and on slippery tiles or lino.

The Safer Mat is also impressively durable. It is made from a 100% nitrile formula, which is not only grease and oil proof but will withstand all cleaning chemicals or detergents which can damage other mats made from latex or cheaper natural rubbers. These properties make it ideal for use in kitchens where there might be plenty of vegetable or cooking oil present.

The Safer Mat also comes with the option to have holes or not. Holes are great for really wet areas where there will be a lot of liquid falling onto the mat and you want it to drain away – and the no holes option is excellent for where there is a lot of food scraps falling on the mat. Having no holes gives you the option to pick the mat up and shake the scraps into a bin at the end of shift.

  • Resistant to all acid/alkali based cleaning products
  • Fat, cooking and vegetable oil proof
  • Superior slip resistance in wet, greasy and oily areas
  • Lightweight and easy to move, or shake into bin when cleaning
  • Available with or without drainage holes, to suit various applications

Standard Sizes
600 x 900mm | 1500 x 900mm