Orthomaster® Healthcare Mat

Amco’s next generation Orthomaster® Healthcare mat is the perfect addition to your CSSD area, theatre or day surgery room, kitchen and food prep area or decontamination rooms and all other areas throughout your hospital or health centre. With a TGA certification and a Class 1 Medical Award, the Orthomaster® has all the necessary approvals and tickets for you to implement these cross your site. Having been endorsed by leading specialist, Dr. A.G MBBS (Hons) FRACS, Speciality Orthopaedics, only adds to the extensive list of endorsements of this high performing healthcare mat.

The Orthomaster® Healthcare mat is produced with a special blend of materials, including an anti-microbial agent that aids in restricting the growth of mould, mildew and fungi on the surface and in the centre of the mat. This unique formula is guaranteed for the lifetime of the mat. In addition to this, the Orthomaster® mat can be autoclaved or cleaned in tunnel washers for total piece of mind in regards to keeping it sterilised and uncontaminated.

The Orthomaster® mat has an extensive list of testimonials from leading healthcare customers across Australia and New Zealand – and many these have highlighted how the Orthomaster® mat aids in the relief from aches and pains associated with Plantar Fasciitis – especially inflamed ankles, as well as lower back, upper leg and knee pain. Unparalleled and unequalled anti-fatigue benefits, the Orthomaster® is the perfect balance of comfort and ergonomic support.

  • Complies with TGA No Aust 203025
  • 6-year manufacturers guarantee.
  • Washable up to 120° Celsius
  • Impervious to all alkali and acid-based cleaners, ammonia, chlorine, bleach etc.
  • Antimicrobial AlphaSan agents blended throughout the formula prevents cross contamination of mould, mildew, and fungi and reduces the spread of bacteria and airborne pathogens.
  • Proof against all cooking oils, animal fats and petroleum products
  • Solid top surface will cut cleaning time by 70% verses mats with holes.
  • Non-allergenic: latex and silicone free
  • Made from a closed cell formulation, eliminating liquid absorption making it perfect for wet areas.
  • Class 1 Medical Award, endorsed by leading orthopaedic specialists.
  • Impervious to all acid/alkali-based cleaning chemicals Including bleach, chlorine, and ammonia.

Standard Sizes
600 x 450mm | 1500 x 450mm | 600 x 900mm | 1500 x 900mm | 1800 x 900mm

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