Orthomaster® Food Mat

The Orthomaster® is the anti-fatigue mat of choice for food grade and GMP areas. The anti-microbial agent blended throughout the secret Orthomaster® formula helps reduce the growth of bacteria and airborne pathogens. This also helps reduce cross contamination, and being a closed cell formulation it won’t absorb liquids.

Happy workers create a healthy culture, and vice versa. If your team is suffering from absenteeism, a lazy culture or could do with a bit of a boost, the Orthomaster® mat is just what you need. Many food plants don’t use mats for a bunch of reasons. This leads to your team punching out big days with very limited fatigue relief or comfort – no wonder they are sore! (And be honest, gumboots and innersoles don’t cut the mustard for fatigue prevention.

If you’re needing an easy cleaning, long lasting, chemical and oil resistant, trolley friendly anti-fatigue mat that is safe to use in a dairy processing plant, abattoir, brewery, commercial kitchen, bakery, flour mill or other similar situation the Orthomaster® is the mat for you!

  • First class Orthopaedic properties qualify Orthomaster® for HR injury management compliancy.
  • Perfect balance of comfort and ergonomic support.
  • Proof against all cooking oils, animal fats, petroleum products.
  • Resistant to all Alkali and Acid based cleaners, Ammonia, Chlorine, Bleach etc.
  • Antimicrobial AlphaSan formula prevents cross contamination of mould, mildew and fungi.
  • Orthomaster® mats are 70% faster to clean than comparable mats of same size.
  • Made from a high-grade nitrile-based formulation. Latex and silicon free
  • Available with or without drainage holes
  • Non allergenic, Latex and Silicone free
  • Complies with TGA No Aust 203025
  • Rounded ‘super bevel’ edges
  • Incredibly durable, with a 6-year manufacturers guarantee.

Standard Sizes
600 x 900mm | 1500 x 900mm | 1800 x 900mm
Custom Sizes
Can be manufactured to any size or length possible

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