Orthodelux® Mat

The Orthodelux® hospital grade safety mat was released in 2016, when calls for a heavier anti-fatigue mat were being made. Some safety mats in the healthcare industry, for a number of reasons, can slide around on a lino or tiles floor surface – especially if the mat is small, thereby being light in weight, and if the floor surface is wet and slippery. The Orthodelux® healthcare mat overcomes these problems with a new tech design which adds weight, whilst not sacrificing ergonomic benefit.

Like the traditional Orthomaster® mats, the Orthodelux® is TGA certified for use in hospital theatres. It’s one-piece construction means that even if the mat is cut or torn, it won’t delaminate or start to fail. In addition to this, as the Orthodelux® has no holes or areas for muck or debris to build up, it is simple and easy to clean either by hosing down or even giving it a quick wipe.

Should the situation require, the Orthodelux® mats can be autoclaved or steam cleaned, as they will resist temperatures up to 204°. The polyurethane mix that the Orthodelux® mats are made from is also chemical resistant, so is fine for use with any hospital grade cleaning chemicals or detergents.

  • 100% industry guaranteed with a 10-year warranty
  • Autoclave tested at 121° for 26 minutes.
  • Heat, oil, grease and chemical resistant for all applications
  • One colour light grey, which does not stain, perfect for hospitals
  • Extremely comfortable, great ergonomic benefit with sacrificing cushioning
  • 100% industry guaranteed with a 10 year warranty
  • 99% Anti-microbial formulation, inert polyurethane that will not support bacterial growth
  • Listed in ARTG with TGA No Aust 203025

Standard Sizes
600 x 900mm only