New Pig Grippy Mat

Slip, trip and fall mitigation in high traffic areas. Reduces 90% of slips, trips and falls associated with older type loose lay entrance mats. Need an instant fix for a long lino corridor, or to take water off shoes in your reception area? The New Pig Grippy Floor Mat is the quickest, simplest, and most cost-effective option to get your floors and entranceways sorted out. It can be used as a temporary mat over a few wet months, or you can use it as a permanent fixture. (Our coffee room here at Amco has been using it for 8 months and counting, and it’s still in tip top condition!)

How does it work? It has a tacky bottom side meaning it sits, and sticks, flush on the floor. It won’t move, even with whopping amounts of foot traffic going over it each day. Trolleys are fine too, they won’t hurt it! To give an idea of its longevity, when Australia was threatened with an FMD outbreak in July 2022, the Pig Entrance Mat was used at airports around Australia for tourists returning from Bali to wipe their feet on after dipping them in sanitizing baths. Heaps of foot traffic!

It’s incredibly fast drying, and highly absorbent, soaking up spills quickly and with ease. If you’re needing a fast, quick and simple solution to stop slips (or keep clean) any smooth floors you have at your facility, look no further than the New Pig Grippy Mat.

  • Stays down, doesn’t bunch up or flip on the corners
  • Doesn’t leave a sticky residue when removed after use
  • Absorbs liquid, then wicks it away to the edges so it dries faster
  • Reduces 90% of slips trips and falls associated with older type entrance mats
  • 2mm slim profile, so fine for senior citizens who shuffle their feet
  • Eliminates rental and hidden labour cots
  • Stays in place while you clean your floors – no more dragging heavy rugs
  • Floor scrubber friendly
  • Costs 50% less than rental contracts

Standard Sizes
30m x 900mm | 15m x 900mm
Starter Kit
7m x 900mm (comes with cutting board and knife)
Custom Sizes
Available per meter @ 900mm wide