MultiMat Industrial Mat

Got slips? It happens… The MultiMat is your number 1 friend when trying to sort out slippery walkways, freezer rooms, ramps and corridors. Made with a very heavy duty, acid resistant, hardened rubber that almost never wears out, the MultiMat both elevates pedestrians above the slippery surface and provides them with a high traction walkway. Whether your situation is a conveyor incline in a quarry at Marulan that gets winter snow, or a slick tiled floor at a chicken abattoir, the MultiMat performs in all situations.

The key to its longevity and effectiveness is the raised traction lugs on both sides of the mat. On the top they create an aggressive grip for all makes of footwear, and on the bottom they lock onto whatever gridmesh, floorboards, tiles or concrete they are thrown on. The additional benefit of being double sided is it doubles the life span. 10 years after installing, when one side is worn, simply flip it over and go again!

The following testimonial was provided by Valvoline’s production manager, after installing it on their slippery walkways…

“The Multi Mat matting was installed last week with instant results. We are very happy with the improvements this simple yet effective solution has achieved. Thanks to Dan and the Amco Industries team for supplying such a cost effective solution!”

  • Dual action lugs both provide traction and elevate pedestrian above the slippery floor
  • Excellent drainage means the mat doesn’t slide around in wet conditions
  • Heavy duty acid resistant rubber for maximum lifespan
  • Super easy to install – just roll into place
  • Aggressive lug pattern also does a good job of ripping fat and muck from gumboots
  • Double the life, when one side is worn, flip over and go again

Standard Sizes
1500 x 900mm
Custom Length Runners
Any length up to 10.5m x 900mm