MultiMat Food

Slippery cool room floors? Slippery tiles in your washroom corridor? The MultiMat might be just what you need. With an aggressive anti-slip pattern on both the top, and the bottom, the MultiMat works perfectly on most floor surfaces, and provides grip for pretty much every form of footwear. Contributing to the mats ability to not slide around on a slippery surface is its high density formulation, which increases the overall product weight. A 10m roll of the MultiMat weighs in at a stonking 80kg!

The MultiMat also is covered in drainage holes. This makes it a great option for areas where it spills are a frequent occurrence. The holes are very slightly chamfered internally which improves draining capabilities, keeping the mat grippy underfoot. Being double sided, the MultiMat can be used as an anti-slip mat upside down as well. When you’ve had 5 years use of the mat and the top side is worn out, flip it over and go again on the underside.

The high-density rubber that the MultiMat is made from is acid resistant and chemical resistant. So be free to clean it with any of your normal kitchen soaps. Overall, a very durable anti-slip mat for any application, but particularly for long runs up to 10m or more.

  • Double sided anti-slip lugs for use on both sides
  • Can have a beveled edge welded to it if requested
  • Perfect for long slippery walkways in kitchens or food manufacturing plants and abattoirs
  • Drainage holes allow for fast movement away of liquid, and improve air flow through the mat
  • Acid and chemical resistant, fine to be hot pressure washed also
  • Heavy and won’t slide around on slippery floors

Standard Sizes
10m roll x 900mm
Custom Sizes
Any length x 900mm | Other custom sizes available
Custom Edging
Custom beveled edging available