Multi-Guard #220 Mat

The Multi-Guard #220 is a heavy duty, 100% rubber entrance mat with a ‘one piece’ construction, making it extremely durable and capable of years of use. Perfect for use in commercial and residential applications, the Multi-Guards flexible rubber fingers effectively remove gravel, grass clippings, wet leaves and other debris from footwear passing over it. The fingers on our mats are conical in shape, not cylindrical, meaning they get further up into the footwears tread.

Water or liquid that accumulates in the bottom of the mat is contained within the mat due to its dammed edge. This edge also means the Multi-Guard can be used as a sanitisation mat, when filled with a solution of citric acid or other chemical. It excels in wet conditions, due to a series of non-slip grooves on the base. These grooves stop the mat slipping on the floor and allows for airflow to prevent the floor under it becoming smelly in wet or muddy conditions.

When cleaning the Multi-Guard, easiest way to do it is take outside and give it a 2 second shake. Any twigs or pebbles that don’t come out can easily be flicked out. If you don’t have time to lift and shake the mats, you can always vacuum them.

  • Excellent barrier mat for mud, snow, dirt, gravel, sand and lawn clippings
  • All new conical rubber fingers allow instant release of trapped debris, and do not snap off prematurely
  • Simple, quick and easy to clean! Saves hours of cleaning time each week!
  • Anti-trip bevelled edge acts a dam for moisture retention
  • Can be used as sanitisation mats to clean footwear

Standard Sizes
600 x 800 x 13mm – 5kg | 800 x 1000 x 13mm – 8kg | 900 x 1800 x 13mm – 17kg
Can be customised, or cut to size for recessed areas