Multi-Mat Freezer Matting

Are your coolrooms or freezer floors becoming slippery with ice or condensation, becoming a slip hazard to personnel trying to work inside these area. Typically these areas aren’t very well lit, and it can be hard to see a pool of water on crushed ice down at ground level. This can lead to slip/trip/fall incidents, which can be seriously dangerous, especially for elderly staff. If this sounds like something that you are having trouble with, the Multi-Mat could well be the ideal solution for your facility.

The Multi-Mat works in two ways – first it elevates the user above the water or spillage, while allowing it to drain through to the floor surface and to a drain. Secondly, it has a series of aggressive raised lugs that provide great traction for all kinds footwear. This surface is also great for trolleys, as it is fine to push/pull them over, but they won’t slide around on it like a flat surface.

If you have used mats in coolrooms before and found that they tend to ice up over time, you wont get this problem with the Multi-Mat (unless you have one crazy bad problem, or it is snowing in the freezer). It’s multi-sided so if one side ever does ice up, just flip it over and away you go again!

  • Dual action lugs elevate users above the slip hazards, and provide excellent traction
  • Superior drainage stops the MultiMat slipping around in wet conditions
  • Great for trolleys, stops them skidding around but is easy to roll them over
  • Proven results across the industry in wet areas and freezers
  • Dual sided lug pattern means mat is reversible when iced up

Standard Sizes
900 x 1500mm
Custom Length Runner
900mm x any length up to 10.5m