Maxam Glass Repair Film

Everyone would agree that boarding up broken windows not only looks ugly and darkens the room, but it’s also expensive, is noisy and disruptive and also puts a heap of screw holes into your window frame. Thanks to the Maxam glass repair film, you need not worry about this any longer. Maxam glass repair film allows you to make safe a broken window with ease, and when the glazier comes, he can remove the whole broken pane as it sticks safely to the adhesive film.

How does it work? Simple. At one third the tensile strength of steel (a 30mm wide strip can lift a car) when you’ve had a window smashed, measure the window and then transpose that onto the film roll. Using scissors, simply cut a piece that fits your measurements and starting from a corner, cover the entire pane with it to lock in all the broken shards. Its strength and adhesive properties hold the window in position until repair.

Being nearly invisible, Maxam lets in plenty of light unlike boarding up, which darkens a room. It also doesn’t require nailing into your window frame, so you save a paint and plasterer callout also. We call it Maxam…. You’ll call it amazing!

Comments from a Facility Manager at Honeywell Building Solutions/Eastern Goldfields Regional Prison:

“I am very impressed to date, especially with the ease of use for an immediate “make safe” attendance and the long term adhesion of the film to all surfaces until permanent glass replacement can be arranged. We also had a significant storm hit the site on 18 November which resulted in a couple of smashed glass doors due to being caught by the 100km/hr wind gusts, and within 30 minutes of being on-site, we had made safe both doors in preparation for a glazier to attend the following business day. It certainly made our response time as part of the initial site attendance and temporary fix so much quicker.”

  • 1/3 the tensile strength of steel – 30cm wide section can lift a car
  • Safe, clear, strong, secure with full natural daylight
  • No damage to window frames
  • Simple and easy to install, 30 seconds to apply
  • Awarded top impact resistance standard BS12600 1B1
  • Let the glazier come when it suits you!
  • User friendly 15m x 914mm roll