Magna Mat

Swarf issues? Got metal shavings from your workshop entering your production facility? Audits coming up and you want to show off that your quality policies are top notch? The Magna Mat could be the way to take your facilities GMP from good to great, and reduce the risk of foreign object contamination in your facility. If this sounds like something that might be of use to you, read on!

The Magna Mats are super easy and simple to install. All you need to do is figure out the main entrance point that swarf is entering your facility from and place it there. Sit back and watch the Magna Mat do the rest! It’s incredibly low maintenance also, with a small cleaning toll optional to remove all swarf and shavings from the mat with ease.

The secret to the Magna Mats success is the incredibly strong rare-earth magnets that it’s made from. Even tiny iron scale or rust will jump off your boots and onto the mat. Note – only ferrous metal is magnetic… stainless steel is not… if you are wanting to completely eradicate swarf from your facility a few extra swarf trapping mats will help – speak to Amco for details on our Swarf Mat, MultiGuard and EntryMaster Range.

  • Great addition to any continuous improvement or GMP program
  • Easy, quick and stress free to install
  • Fast to clear of debris and swarf with optional cleaning tool
  • Excellent indicator of how much swarf and metal is entering your production area
  • Prevent foreign object contamination
  • Low maintenance – no moving parts

Standard Sizes
770 x 970mm