Kneeling Mat

Ever knelt to service a workshop machine and ended up with a Tek screw or small bolt poking up in between your kneecap and socket? Oh, for that kneeling mat! It’s painful to say the least. Stop this with our Orthomaster industrial-grade kneeling mat, a must-have for all service technicians!

Orthomaster® Kneeling mats are designed to reduce knee trauma and lower back stress during prolonged kneeling. They come with a convenient carrying handle and are light and small enough to hang off a belt clip throughout the day while not being used.

The Kneeling mat is easy to clean, long-lasting, chemical, and oil resistant. We can print your company logo or safety message on the kneeling mat to gift to your team or as a company promo item.

  • Grease and oil proof, petrol and diesel proof, grinding spark proof and tear proof!
  • Incredibly durable, with 6-year manufacturer’s guarantee.
  • Handy hole for carrying or hanging on workshop bench.
  • Will not absorb fluids – closed-cell design.
  • Made for tradesman’s and technicians’ knees with orthopaedic, superior comfort.
  • Excellent resistance to cutting fluids, workshop grease, and all petroleum products.

440 x 360 x 18mm | 200 x 400mm