Industrial Mat

Cheap and economical, the Industrial Mat is a quick fix to most slippery entrances and walkways. Large holes provide quick, easy drainage and plenty of room for air to circulate, reducing the amount of slosh underneath by allowing it to dry quickly. They are relatively lightweight and can easily be moved for cleaning or mopping.

They are easy to use with trolleys, as the edges are a shallow bevel which is ‘microstepped’ to add grip. Provided the trolley wheels are a decent size they will roll over the Industrial mat with ease, with little to no bounce. This is particularly handy in a kitchen environment such as at a pub or restaurant. Note, these mats are not for use in areas with high oil concentrations.

The attribute, along with being machine washable, make the Industrial Mat ideal for areas requiring a non-slip mat in areas where trolleys might be present, such as commercial kitchens and catering facilities; pubs, clubs and bars; and slippery ramps or walkways.

  • Great lightweight economical anti-slip mat
  • Can be put through a commercial laundry machine
  • Excellent draining with large holes
  • Gently sloped bevel allows easy access to pull trolleys onto the mat
  • Easily customisable

Standard Sizes
1500 x 900mm
Custom Sizes
Made to suit