Haccper® Sanitising Boot Dip Mats

The development of the Haccper® sanitising boot dip mats can be attributed to Amco’s extensive R&D Program. After receiving feedback that traditional boot dip mats created a lot of water slosh, resulting in slippery floors, were heavy to move around, and were not conducive to wheeling trolleys over them, Amco began to work on a way to overcome these problems. The result was the Haccper®: a slim profile, lightweight sanitising mat with a unique baffle system to reduce slosh by up to 85%.

In addition to being trolley friendly, and overcoming the manual handling issue, the Haccper® also does a better job of removing small particles from shoes. Footwear sinks to the bottom of the PVC baffle loop, providing better penetration into the tread on the soul of a boot. With trolley wheels, this also works particularly well, as it’s not just the flat of the castor that is sanitised, but rather the wall of the wheel as well.

As well as eliminating slosh, and preventing slipping hazard on slippery concrete or vinyl floors, the baffle system also saves money from recusing solution and chemical use. With less spillage, you are not having to fill up the mat as often as you would have to fill up a traditional Bootdip mat.

  • Baffle loop eliminates slosh and reduces the risk of wet, slippery floors
  • Smooth tapered bevelled edge, for easy trolley access and sanitisation
  • Designed to accommodate standard footwear, offering a versatile solution unlike deep boot dip mats, which are only designed for gumboots.
  • Made from synthetic PVC, the Haccpers® will not stain or dirty your flooring
  • Saves money from reduced cleaning chemicals
  • Perfect for use at sterile safety barriers or infection control zones
  • Used by the Department of Agriculture and the federal government for agricultural bio-security protocols
  • Used by Australian Border Force for decontamination of soiled shoes in the FMD crisis
  • Ideal for food processing plants with large numbers of employees sanitising each shift
  • TGA number: 298947
  • PATENT No 2018900099
  • Australian Design 201810265

Standard Sizes
700 x 1100mm
Custom Sizes
Any size up to 1200mm wide, and 10m long