Gripmaster Stair Nosings

10 year guarantee against wear and delamination. All orders made to size and knocked out within 14 days. The only Aussie manufacturer with climate controlled curing and baking rooms. If you want cheap, that’s not us… but value for money, A1 grade quality and the service you only get from an Aussie Manufacturer, that’s what you’ll get at Amco. We cut, fold, prep and coat all of our material so no requirement is too tough or tricky for our skilled production team.

With materials, we often get asked if we can match the foundation material type to avoid dissimilar metals electrolysis – which with options of stainless steel, aluminium, galvabond, colorbond or zinc alumina coated we can easily accommodate the most technical of requirements, and help your teams eliminate any corrosion from dissimilar metal contact.

Our Gripmaster nosings are also offered with 3 different grades of aggregate. Light industrial – for areas where site debris is very fine – eg. Flour, sawdust. Industrial – for mud, slurry etc. and Offshore – for really wet areas with a lot of liquid buildup, requiring a high level of drainage. Think ports, terminals, oil refineries and wineries in crushing seasons.

  • 10 year guarantee against delamination and wear
  • Made in Australia for Australian conditions!
  • 5 options for foundation material and 3 grades of aggregate size
  • Mohs hardness of Alox or Silica Carbide (our aggregate) is 9.4 – diamond is 9.6 for reference
  • Laser cut, punched, folded all in-house for any custom job that comes our way
  • 30 years, and counting, in the industry! We know our onions…