Gripmaster Plates

For larger areas that require a slip resistant surface, and it’s impractical to use non-slip matting, or similar, our low-profile Gripmaster plate is the ideal solution. Coming in at just over 3mm thick, you can cover areas like coolroom floors, slippery working platforms or even stairway landings effectively, without creating a trip hazard. Depending on the situation, we can even crease/bend our Gripmaster plate to match the contour of your platform.

Material-wise, we can make it with a Galva bond, aluminum, colorbond or stainless steel backing. This is ideal for where you might have a pre-existign metal platform – eg. a stainless steel wine vat roof – and you don’t want dissimilar metals electrolysis – i.e. rusting – to occur. We also provide a variety of fixing clips to suit steel Gridmesh, FRP grating, expanded mesh and more.

FAQ – does water get under the plates? Short answer, no. On a solid surface, when installing with Sikaflex, run a fat bead all the way around the edge of the plate and when pushing it down make sure it oozes out all the way. When dry, trim the excess to leave a watertight finish.

  • Watertight underside when installed properly
  • Choice of 4 metals to use as a foundation
  • Premium plus grade available for hot washdown situations
  • Fully customizable for all shapes and sizes
  • Can be folded to suit existing platform kickrails and stairs
  • 10 year guarantee against wear and delamination