Gripmaster Ladder Caps

Do your ladders or fire escape stairs get terribly slippery in the winter time? Or are you at an abattoir where the tallow tank access gets constantly slippery? Or are the ladders on your grain silos getting coated with a fine film of grain dust, leaving them dangerously slick? We hear about these problems all the time, and our Gripmaster Ladder Caps are the perfect solution to sorting out these dangerous hazards. Available in different grades of aggregate for gloved or ungloved climbs, Amco has all the solutions to help you out.

We regular get asked if our ladder caps can be made to suit square rungs – simple answer is yes – that is not a problem at all. We can press, bend or fold to any size or shape, to match whatever dimension your ladder rungs happen to be. We can also match the material of your ladder to eliminate dissimilar metal electrolysis – options include aluminium, galvabond, stainless 304 or 316.

In terms of fixing the anti-slip caps to the rungs, there are a few options. Sikaflex 391 or T-Rex Fast Grab are both popular options. Other methods include pop riveting or tek screwing – but gluing is the fastest and easiest method.

  • Made to any size, length or profile
  • 10 year guarantee against wear and delamination
  • Available in a variety of foundations to suit all areas
  • Options of aggregate size for gloved/ungloved climbs
  • Pre-drilled holes included free of charge if installing with screws/rivets
  • 25+ years experience in the industry!

Custom Sizes
Made to any size, length or profile