Gripmaster C-Stud

Australian Standards for anti-slip cleats on inclines are not always easy to understand, so we’ll try to simplify it here for you. Basically, you need a 10mm high cleat – like our C-Stud – placed at varying intervals depending on the steepness of the walkway. Any incline with between 10 -15° angle needs to have a 10mm high cleat installed every 450mm. On steeper climbs of 15-18°, a 10mm cleat every 400mm is required. Walkways with an angle of incline greater than 18° require a cleat every 350mm.

Are our Gripmaster C-Studs Aus Standard compliant? Absolutely. They are made from a 1.6mm galvabond foundation (being metal is a requirement) and are precisely 10mm high plus the aggregate, meaning you are well within spec for what will pass certification for Australian Standards. On top of this our C-Studs come in either Safety Yellow, or the new Higher-viz Nano555 green that is the new way everyone is going to promote visibility among the ‘white noise’ of the colour yellow everywhere onsite.

Our Gripmaster C-Studs also come with a unique fastening system that eliminates the need for EWPS to be used when installing them. The clip system is easy to use and can be pre-assembled then slid through the grating and tightened to speed up installation time. Looking to bring you site up to scratch? Let us help you out with out C-Studs for all your inclines, walkways and conveyor access.

  • 50mm wide and 10mm high + aggregate to meet Australian standards
  • Made to any length to suit all size walkways and inclines
  • Available in gal, aluminium or stainless steel foundations
  • Aggregate is toughened aluminium oxide for maximum wear and durability
  • 10 year guarantee against wear and corrosion
  • Pre-drilled to suit your mesh requirements, free of charge