Anti-Microbial Flexirib Pool Mat

For slippery tiles around pools, or in changerooms, the FlexiRib swimming pool mat is the obvious choice to install to reduce slips, trips and falls. The 4-way cross section provides superior drainage compared to other mats – the FlexiRib has less than 15% surface contact with the ground, compared to other mats with over 50%. This means water can flow through easily, and your mat doesn’t become soggy and damp over time.

In addition to being made from a PVC compound, meaning the mat will never absorb liquid, the FlexiRib also has an anti-microbial agent blended throughout the formula. This stops mould building up, and also aides in preventing the spread of tinea and other fungi found in change rooms. While other mats become smelly over time in wet areas, the FlexiRib overcomes this problem.

For anti-slip purposes the top of the upper ribs have a finely corrugated surface to provide traction. We can also manufacture the FlexiRib in long lengths – up to 30m – if you need to do a full side of a pool or slippery walkway. Colour is also optional with most colors available!

  • Hygienic anti-microbial formulation helps prevent spread of tinea and other fungi
  • Durable PVC formula is very hard wearing and durable
  • Closed cell formulation means mat doesn’t become smelly over time if left in water
  • 4-way water channels underneath mean the FlexiRib drains with ease
  • Great choice for public or private swimming pools and change rooms
  • Provides great traction for slippery walkways

Standard Sizes
Any length by 600mm wide | 900mm wide | 1200mm wide | 1500mm wide
Beveled edges available on request
Colour Options
Blue | Black | Aqua | Red | Yellow | Brown | Purple