Flexirib Hospital Matting

Having problems around your kitchen or other areas with slippery tiles or lino surfaces? Are elderly staff not at ease when walking from point to point in a wet area? Is there soapy slosh getting onto the floor around your scrub sinks? The FlexiRib PVC anti-slip matting could be just what you need to reduce the risk and keep your work area safe. Available in almost any size or length, its easily customizable and can be put straight to work.

During manufacturing, the FlexiRib is treated with anti-microbial agent, which is also added to the liquid formula prior to extrusion. This ingredient helps reduce the growth of mold or bacteria if the mat is going to be used in a perpetually wet environment, with limited cleaning. Similarly, being made from PVC means that it will never absorb moisture or harbor nasties within the mat itself.

Aiding the mats anti-slip capabilities, hundreds of very fine corrugated ribs provide a textured grippy surface for walking on. One-way ribs mean it’s a pleasure to wheel trolleys along also as they don’t rattle the wheels or cause items to wobble on the trolley.

  • Non-absorbent PVC formulation is very long lasting
  • Anti-microbial agent reduces risk of harboring bacteria or mold
  • Closed cell formulation means mat doesn’t become smelly over time if left in water
  • 4-way water channels underneath the mat provide excellent drainage
  • Awesome choice for long walkways where trolleys are required
  • Can be beveled on edges for easy trolley access


Standard Sizes
Any length by 600mm wide | 900mm wide | 1200mm wide | 1500mm wide
Beveled Edges
Available on request
Colour Options
Blue | Black | Aqua | Red | Yellow | Brown | Purple