ESD Orthomaster® Mat

Protects sensitive and expensive equipment from electrical transfer by slowly draining static electricity from workers before damaging sensitive electronic equipment and microprocessors.

Certified Anti-Fatigue Mat for teams in Automotive, Munition and Technical facilities. Anti-static and dissipative it is perfect for any chemical testing plants and production lines. If you’re needing an easy cleaning, long lasting, chemical and oil resistant, trolley friendly anti-fatigue mat that is safe to use in sensitive areas the Orthomaster® ESD is the mat for you!

  • Flame Retardant!
  • Incredibly durable, with 6-year manufacturers guarantee.
  • Electrical resistance is 10 ohms
  • Proof to petroleum solvents, greases & oils!
  • Reduces swelling in the veins & spinal compression from standing on hard concrete by increasing blood flow.
  • Closed cell eliminates the absorption of liquids.
  • Ergonomically designed to promote employee comfort & reduce back pain.
  • Reduce hazardous static discharges in chemical and flammable workplace environments.
  • Superior one-piece construction from virgin nitrile does not require the use of Earth leads on conductive flooring.
  • Rounded ‘super bevel’ edges

Standard Sizes
600 x 900mm | 1500 x 900mm | 1800 x 900mm
Custom Sizes
Can be manufactured to any size or length

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