ESD Fraz Mat

Frasmat is an Electrically Conductive Anti-Static Fire Resistant Matting designed and manufactured in Australia from specially formulated PVC for use in underground mining applications or environments where there is a risk of fire or explosion caused by static charge buildup. AMCO FRASMat offers both comfort and slip resistance with its quality PVC construction and non-slip ribbing, providing durable support and cushioning.

What does FRAS stand for? FRAS stands for Fire Retardant Anti-Static – this is a rating for composites that are going to be used underground in coal mines, power generation sites, and production lines where sensitive electrical equipment is utilized. AMCO Frasmat polymer met all rigorous FRAS testing to ensure compliance with Electrical conductivity, Ignitability, and Flame propagation.

  • Quality PVC material and non-slip ribbing provide durability, slip resistance, and underfoot support.
  • Resistant to oils, petroleum, grease, water, and industrial-grade cleaners/acids.
  • Electrically conductive and anti-static properties for safety in environments prone to static charge buildup.
  • Fire-resistant PVC construction suitable for underground mining and environments at risk of fire or explosion.
  • Tested and compliant with FRAS requirements for ignitability, flame propagation, and electrical resistivity.
  • Tested by NSW Trade and Investment Mine Safety to comply with the requirements for Ignitability and Flame Propagation Characteristics and Anti-Static Properties (Electrical Resistivity) requirements for general applications of MDG3608,, and MDG3608,

Any length x 900mm, 1200mm, or 1500mm