Ergo Comfort Mat

A solid performer, and representing excellent value for money in the mid-range mats category, the Ergo Comfort achieves the perfect balance of comfort, performance and affordability. Manufactured from a premium grade latex from Sri Lanka, and access to other quality raw materials means that Amco can guarantee 100% consistency with our Ergo Comfort mats, and due to this we’ve had them specified as the mat of choice for many large companies.

Being a solid safety mat, rather than one with holes, means that it’s ideal for manufacturing areas where nails, rivets or screw might fall onto the ground, as they will lay flat, as opposed to mats with holes, which can cause the nails etc. to poke up, posing a hazard for them poking through operators’ footwear.

The Ergo Comfort is also ideal for factories which require regular cleaning. The relatively low profile of the ergonomic domes, or ‘bubbles’, combined with the weight of the product and its ‘easy sweep’ design, means its perfect for the likes of cotton gins, textiles factories or timber product manufacturers that require regular blow-downs or sweeping.

  • New premium rubber formula that does not harden over time
  • All mats come with yellow safety bevelled edges on all sides
  • Flexible domed surface provides a good degree of cushioning and support
  • Easy to sweep, and heavy enough to blow down without moving on the floor
  • Highly resilient and durable raw materials equals less replacement costs
  • Easily customisable for specific shapes or areas
  • Premium mid-range mat – Lexus grade mat, for the Toyota price

Standard Sizes
1200 x 900mm
Custom Sizes
Available for customisation to any size