DuraTred Premium Mat

The Duratred Premium is ideal for customers looking for the classy aesthetics of an aluminium entrance mat, but without the clatter that goes with them. A silent mat to walk over, it’s perfect for commercial buildings, school entrances, libraries, and hotels. Coming in a jet-black finish, with heavy duty polypropylene ribbing, the mat presents nicely in pretty near every application, providing a smart corporate appearance.

The actual design of the DuraTred Premium lends itself really well to recesses, as debris can fall through and remain trapped until such a time when the mat is moved for cleaning. Should the mat be used in a loose-lay situation it can be fully edged with a smooth ramped bevel. It also excels in regularly wet environments, such as external applications, as the open bottom allows for good drainage.

If you are installing this yourself, the DuraTred Premium is super easy to work with – all you’ll need is a tape measure, Stanley knife and a straight edge. Being budget friendly is an added bonus, you can achieve the look of a commercial aluminium mat for around half the price!

  • Really flexible, so awesome for uneven surfaces or contours
  • Super easy to remove and clean
  • Fully customisable to any shape and size
  • Easy to trim into recesses for 100% customer satisfaction
  • Slim 15mm profile, and can be fully edge with a safety bevel
  • UV resistant, hard wearing PVC construction