DuraTred Grande Mat

The DuraTred Grand is the most prestigious of all entrance mats, and a way to impress guests or customers as they enter your facility. While its classy aluminum strips with the polypropylene carpet inserts perform excellently at removing dirt and moisture from footwear, they also are reason this heavy-duty mat is so durable in commercial applications. No matter how much foot traffic you have, it’s very hard to wear out the DuraTred Grande.

On top of this, the DuraTred Grand lends itself well to commercial applications due to its slim, 10mm profile with beveled ramp edges incorporated on all sides. If the mat is intended to be used in a mat-well or recess, the DuraTred Grande can be supplied without the ramps to sit flush with the floor in the recess.

The slim profile and aluminium strip design of the mat also make it very simple and easy to vacuum clean, so the mat rarely has to be removed for external hosing out. The anodized aluminium extrusion is also 100% rust proof, so you need not worry about the mats corroding or discoloring over time.

  • Perfect commercial entrance mat, low maintenance and super durable
  • Contrasting anodized aluminum/carpet strips create a smart and prestigious entrance
  • Very simple and easy to clean – vacuuming will do it. Hose if muddy
  • Rubber feet on the bottom eliminate clatter with foot traffic
  • Anodized aluminium never rusts or discolors

Standard Sizes
None – all mats are custom made to order!