Diamond Master Mat

One of the elite offerings in the anti-fatigue safety space, the Diamond Master is a high-tech matting package. From its ergonomically designed sponge base, to the long life, wear resistance PVC top it’s one of our flagship products. Bonding these two materials together is a complex process, and is not just a simple spray-gun glue (which comes apart over time) but rather a specialised heat bonding system that ensures 100% adhesion for years to come.

Designed specifically for long runs – our longest to date is a 90m continuous run – the Diamond Master is purpose built for pick/pack warehouses or assembly lines where there is a lot of twisting and turning. The PVC friction-reduction surface reduces stress on operator ankles by reducing the amount of shoe-drag normally experienced when twisting rubber soled shoes on traditional rubber mats.

Tough and durable on the surface, supportive to stand on, and a pleasure to walk and work on, the Diamond Master is in a class above your general run-of-the mill safety mats. No complaints about this product – ever – after over 25 years in the industry, is a testament to the quality of the Diamond Master matting.

  • Excellent mix of durability and comfort, unmatched by any other industrial mat in the market
  • Premium nitrile cell sponge base, with a high memory for longevity
  • Trolley friendly bevels make this mat breeze to use in pick/pack warehouses
  • Friction reduction surface reduces rubber soled shoe drag and ankle stress
  • Heat bonded – not glued – together for a lifetime guarantee of zero separation
  • Tough PVC vinyl surface is resistant to chemical spills

Standard Sizes
1500 x 900mm
Custom Sizes
Any length x 900mm or 1200mm wide