Clean Room Sticky Mats

Amco’s popular Clean Room Sticky Mats are excellent at removing very fine contaminants from the bottom of footwear, from fine dust to flour particles or even cake mix. Used extensively throughout the food manufacturing industry, and in GMP labs/cleanrooms, the Sticky Mat is perfect for maintaining a clean and tidy floor with minimal labour and can be positioned at any doorway or entrance point where there is foot traffic.

Being they are a disposable product; no cleaning or laundering is required, and there are no ongoing maintenance expenses, Sticky Mats are a low-cost option to keep your work area free of contaminants. They do not need a specialised recess or floor surface like some varieties. It is advisable to make sure footwear going over these is in the main clean from large chunks or muck or debris.

Clean Room Sticky Mats come in pads with 60 layers of tough, laminated film. Once the top film becomes contaminated, simply pull off and discard. The peel off design eliminates messy time-consuming cleaning and maintains a clean sticky surface at all times.

  • Provides the most efficient control of foot-borne contamination
  • Low profile eliminates trip hazard
  • Removes microscopic dust and bacteria from shoes
  • Makes maintaining GMP standards quick and easy
  • 60 sheets in a pack, will last for ages!

Standard Sizes
600 x 900mm | 900 x 1100mm
60 sheets per mat, 5 mats per box