Boot Dip Sanitising Foot Mats

For food processing plants, or external applications in the event of bio-hazards, Amco’s Sanitizing Boot Dip Mats should be your first line of defence in controlling the spread of bacteria and viruses. With the 48mm high dam edge, the mat can be filled with plenty of solution and it doesn’t matter if the mat is not totally flat as the solution is retained behind this large wall. This is particularly useful when using these mats at events such as field days, saleyards, or farm entrances, where flat surfaces are not easily found.

While the HACCPER® sanitizing mat is for shoes that are mostly clean, the Bootdip mat is fine for dirty shoes – such as at the entrance/exit from an abattoir where the gumboots might have blood or fat on them. The bristles on the bottom of the mat allow for boots to be scrubbed hard on the mat to pull out all the muck, and then due to their conical shape they can be quickly emptied and hosed out each time you want to change the solution in the mat.

Please be aware, these are not the cheapo style of Bootdip mats that leach black marks onto your floor (most people in the food manufacturing game would have seen this happen). The Amco Bootdip mats are made from a very high grade of latex and overcome this issue.

  • High viz yellow or safety green border
  • Hundreds of rubber fingers help to remove muck and debris form footwear
  • High dam wall means mat can be used on uneven ground without the solution spilling
  • Don’t leave black marks like cheapo copies
  • Will hold up to 20 liters of sanitizing solution
  • Quick, fast and simple to clean. Just hose out!
  • Optional PVC baffle to reduce slosh if used in an inside environment

Standard Sizes
980 x 810mm – Bootdip Mat | 600 x 700mm – Drop in PVC Baffle
Standard Height