Orthomaster® Mats

Introducing the #1 Orthomaster® Mat – optimize your workplace safety and comfort.

At AMCO we pride ourselves on being the leading supplier of anti-fatigue mats to some of the most important industry sectors in the ANZ region. Whether your organisation is supplying healthcare, energy or food and beverage service to every day citizens or keeping QANTAS 747s in the air, if your workforce spend their days on their feet then we have a product that will make their load easier.

Choose yours from the options below to see how AMCO is keeping your industry on its feet.

Free Orthomaster® Evaluation Mat – Try it in your workplace for free!

To receive a no obligation free 30 Day evaluation Mat complete the Request a Free Trial form on the Orthomaster® Healthcare, Orthomaster® Food or Orthomaster® Industrial page.

Orthomaster® evaluation mats are sent Australia wide only and at the discretion of Amco Industries.

Only one evaluation mat allowed per site.

Amco Orthodelux Anti-Fatigue Mat

Foodcare Mat

Orthomaster® Mat for the Foodcare Industry

Healthy workers are likely to be happy workers. The nature of hospitality and food production industry renders workers vulnerable to slips and falls, as well as the health consequences linked to standing up for prolonged periods. An investment in high-quality matting solutions helps reduce these hazards, allowing your workers to enjoy a safer, healthier environment.

Healthcare Mat

Orthomaster® Mat for the Healthcare Industry

Matting products listed in ARTG by Amco. We have a full range of world class Healthcare Matting range listed in ARTG with TGA number 203025. Used in Theatres and Laboratories throughout Australia & New Zealand where Orthopaedic matting is required.

Industrial Mat

Orthomaster® Mat for Industrial Use

The Orthomaster® anti fatigue mats are sometimes called Ortho Mat. Choice for numerous industrial applications. In addition to standing workstations, the Orthomaster® can provide comfort and promote productivity in workbenches, mining workshops, laboratories, warehouse packers and so much more. Orthomaster® is even a first choice for many security officers.

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