U-Tred Pro – Anti Slip Renovation for Mining & Offshore Rigs

Amco U-Tred Pro - Anti Slip Renovation for Mining & Offshore Rigs

The new line-up to the U-Tred series family is now a fully composite polymer variation, with a whole host of new and innovative features called the U-Tred PRO anti-slip grate cleat. A quick 60-second complete step install, the U-Tred Pro is a worthwhile investment for anyone with slippery stairs and walkways. 

The most notable feature of the U-Tred Pro is that it is exclusively made in the Nano555 Higher-Viz Green colour. This particular shade of green is the most visible colour to the human eye and cuts through all the traditional safety yellow “white-noise” that is common on so many industrial sites. Polished worn metal step and stair edges greatly increase slips, trips and falls on site. Polished worn edges on chequer plate steel is a very frequent of causing casualties around the work site.

Smooth, worn metal step and stair edges greatly increase slips, trips and falls on site. Polished worn edges on chequer plate steel are very frequent at causing casualties around the worksite, caused by wear and tear over the years. Lacking the anti-slip properties needed to be commercially safe increases the risk of slips, trips and falls often causing permanent impairment to staff.

This is where U-Tred PRO grate cleats can help!

This anti-slip stair nosing used in mining and marine areas helps avoid slipping off the stairs in low light conditions. U-Tred pro also protects the stairs from wear and tear, gives a sure-footed grip to workers and maintains safety. It’s a win/win!

The new U-Tred PRO provides a cost-effective, corrosion-free product helping with long-term solutions to stair safety. It is trusted and respected globally by maintenance and operations managers, WH&S supervisors, and other individuals responsible for the safety of their workers.

Amco provides a range of non-slip products that keep employees safe, reduce stress, and lower operational costs.

U-Tred PRO is built of composite material (corrosion-free) with small cleats that hold your boots firmly while pressure is applied to walk.

This anti-slip stair nosing aids in the prevention of workers falling at construction workplaces, salt mines, or offshore environments.

  • Due to their UV stabilization, the U-Tred Pro anti-slip stair treads are not affected by harsh environmental conditions making them suitable for wet, frosty, and oily conditions.
  • Made in a higher-visibility Nano555 green colour. It is faster to notice green than other colours because it is a more conspicuous colour and more sensitive to the human eye. This keeps the workers safe by improved edge visibility.
  • Extremely High Fire-Retardant rating – 220 degrees Celsius
  • Very High Tensile & Impact Strength for high wear life
  • Light Weight – can be air freighted at a minimal cost.
  • U-Tred Anti-slip stair nosing offers a small, unique non-slip structure that fits into the soles of your boots for extra grip and allows you to keep your balance while climbing stairs more comfortably.
  • Can be effectively used everywhere there are current corrosion problems. Being that the U-Tred PRO grating cleat is made from a composite polymer it won’t rust and means it can be used on offshore oil and gas rigs, salt mines and other marine platforms where metal on metal contact is to be avoided.
  • The rigid material used in their manufacture distributes the load evenly across the tread and keeps the edges of stairs protected.
  • Made of a metal replacement composite material, this keeps them compact and enhances their strength.
  • The U-Tread pro also has a very high-temperature rating and will not create hazardous splinters, as can happen when other fibreglass nosings are used.
  • The new U-Tread PRO still incorporates the same self-locking non-return barbs as the traditional U-Treads. The barbs clip under the bottom of the mesh when installed, meaning they can’t be removed and won’t wriggle loose.
  • Petroleum Resistant – Diesel, Oil, Petrol, Heating oils, Ethane, Ethanol and many more
  • Chemical Resistant – Ethyl Acetate, Ethyl Chloride, Glycols, Heptane, Lactic Acid, Lead Acetate, Methane, ethanol, Methyl Acetate, Methyl Ethyl Ketone plus many more

High-performance yet cost-effective non-slip solutions for stairs, Anti Slip Stair Tread Cleats are ideal for both commercial and industrial applications. The highly durable, self-adhesive material is cut to a standard size and provides increased grip and foot control even when wet or soiled. Anti-slip cleats used in U-Tred Pro are UV stabilized, require no nuts and bolts for the installation, and can be installed within seconds.

Slippery conditions on staircases, landings, walkways, ramps, and ladders may result from excess liquids, oils, chemicals, and dirt accumulating on these surfaces. The increased risk of slips, trips and falls will decrease productivity, increase medical expenses, and can result in a fatality.

Particularly in the mining sites, there is substantial dirt and debris, extreme working conditions, and high pedestrian traffic. Our non-slip product U-Tred Pro provides superior traction in such conditions and is constructed from materials that are both durable, reliable and corrosion-free.

We demonstrate our commitment to the mining industry and other associated workplaces by producing the best anti-slip products possible for grating. Amco back all their anti-slip product with an extensive warranty. The New U-Tred Pro provides excellent anti-slip properties to comply with international quality, safety, and performance standards. Amco stands behind our Anti Slip products and services, and we are confident you will be glad you chose U-Tred Pro for your site facility.

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