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Save up to 70% replacement costs with Australian Floor Matting Repairs

Like to have your door mats repaired? Amco repair all torn exterior edges & interior centre rips and tears on launderable floor mats. We do not patch. Our repair process is done by bringing uncured rubber together in purpose built machinery under extremely high temperatures and pressure. Discover good guaranteed workmanship of a superior quality. We can also install customer corporate labels on request. Would you like some of your larger mats cut down into smaller sizes and re edged? Does your launderable floor mat have ripples along the side edge?

  • Re Edging
  • Cut down and resize
  • Fix Curling edges
  • Remove creases
  • All exterior & Interior Repairs
  • Save up to 70% on replacement cost
  • Repairing rather than ragging out your mats can not only save you $$$ but also shows your corporate responsibility for the environment.
  • 82 of 5 x 3 mats
  • 22 of 6 x 4 mats
  • 11 of 10 x 3 mats

  • Checked for Quality
  • Recycled
  • Repaired
  • Total average price of $21.44
  • Delivered in April 2018

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