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Preferred Vendors & Trusted by 1000's of Schools Australia wide. Commercial Door Mats & Commercial Entrance Mats Add Years Of Life To Floor Coverings

Preferred Vendors & Trusted by 1000's of Schools Australia wide, Including all Private and Government NSW Schools, QLD Schools, SA Schools, Tafe's & Corporate Services. Commercial Door Mats &  Commercial Entrance mats add years of life to your floor coverings. Apart from the obvious benefits such as drying your wet shoes and minimising slip injury, Commercial door mats can remove 95% of particles that will cause premature wear to your floor covering, increase cleaning costs and bring on early costly replacement of floor coverings. Compare it to walking around with pieces of sand paper stuck to the soles of your shoes. Although mostly invisible to the eye whilst standing, these particles will tear away at any floor. This makes Commercial door mats an investment by extending the life and appearance of your floor. Use your door mats to make a statement – Amco also offer a full range of heavy duty Coir Commercial entrance mats and personalised logo mats.

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