How to keep great employees for longer?

Retain Employees

Employees are a company’s biggest asset without a doubt. Their dedication and hard work results in the ultimate success of a business. Employee retention has always been the main concern of companies who struggle with keeping their workers engaged, satisfied and invested at all times. If you want to keep your valuable employees coming back to work without fail, you have to develop employee retention strategies that work in the long term.

Employee retention risk

Employee retention refers to the ability of an organization to retain its employees. Employee turnover is a symptom of deeper issues that have not been resolved, which may include low employee morale, absence of a clear career path, lack of recognition, poor employee-manager relationships and on-site health and wellbeing problems associated with not supplying quality anti fatigue matting on hard floors. Purchasing el cheapo anti fatigue mats is another way of voicing to the employees there’ not important to the company. It is important to pin-point what can cause employees to quit and develop strategies beforehand in order to retain them.

Do anti fatigue mats Help Increase Employee Retention?

Employees want to feel in control to perform better. It may not be possible for every task but provisions can be made where employees decide their working hours and choose when they want to work remotely. Balancing work and life is the biggest challenge faced by all employees. If they are happy at work and go home satisfied, they are likely to look forward to their work day. Work should be stress free and allow the employees to feel relaxed instead of exhausted at day’s end. Salaries may be increased, and bonuses can also help but these are not long-term solutions. Encouraging employees to stay on without showing some personal care and well-being may backfire on increasing the potential risk of a claim associated with working on hard floors with supplying quality Australian anti fatigue mats.

Employee Health and Retention – Do anti fatigue mats help?

Employees around the world feel the need to be appreciated and valued for their efforts. They work hard for long hours to meet their targets especially those standing in static positions and not supplied with quality anti fatigue mats. It can be painful to keep sitting or standing for longer periods of time. Any form of pain or discomfort set on by not using Anti-Fatigue Matting while working on hard floors is bad for overall employee performance. This might result in losing employees which does not help the company achieve its goals. Trust must be developed between management and employees so that they are able to voice their health concerns freely. If the health issues are not communicated in a timely manner, they can turn into chronic diseases which mean employees taking more off days and claiming health cover from the company.

A Positive Work Environment when combined with quality anti fatigue matting

People who work for you need to be comfortable. They need the right furniture, the right tools and the right environment to do their best work. Comfortable workstations with premium anti fatigue mats help reduce the risk of common illnesses. When your employees are healthy, they would spend more time adding to the overall business’s growth instead of worrying about their own health. Redesign the workspaces to include Orthomaster Anti-Fatigue Mats for pain-free employee performance. Make adjustments where needed. Some safety anti fatigue mats are medical grade and help relieve heel pain from sitting or standing too long. It all starts with the foot pain which leads to discomfort in legs and spine. Most employees do not realize it while working and may not report it from fear of being fired. Avoid the health issues before they even arise and invest in Australian AMCO Anti-Fatigue Mats.

Why is retention of employees important?

Retention of a positive and motivated employee is very important for the organization’s success. High employee turnover increases the expenses and also has a negative impact on the organization’s morale. Hard working and loyal employees are forced to leave only when they are unable to deliver their 100% at work. Sit down with them and ask them how the company can help them perform well. Build a personal connection with them. AMCO has many solutions for all kinds of work areas. Medical Grade Anti-Fatigue Mats to place under the table or workstation, anti-slip stair nosings and anti-slip ladder caps are just some of the options employees can benefit from at work. Amco anti fatigue mats cost much less than offering healthcare to distressed employees and hiring new employees who need to be trained in a short period of time.

Conclusion on commercial anti fatigue mats 

Any employer can say, ‘We value our employees’ but few understand what it really means to appreciate and retain great employees. As the workload increases, employees can feel burdened and might leave soon if they are not able to maintain a work-life balance. Add health concerns to the mix and you are bound to lose some amazing workers. Invest in Orthomaster Anti-Fatigue Mats not just for manual workers but for all employees and see the benefits in the long-term. Happy employees mean good business and for the company and more left to go to bonuses when reaching their KPI’s.

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