HMAS Adelaide Anti-Fatigue Matting

Amco HMAS Adelaide Anti-Fatigue Matting

At over 230m long, and weighing in at over 27,000 tonnes unloaded, the HMAS Adelaide III is one of the two largest warships in in the Australian Navy. The Adelaide was commissioned in 2015, after launching in 2012, and since then has been deployed globally on many humanitarian and defence related operations.

With a range of up to 9000 nautical miles (16,000km) the Adelaide can run continuously for weeks on end – obviously this means that the officer in charge of steering this behemoth is required to stand for extensive periods of time whilst on lookout and controlling the speed and direction of the vessel.

HMAS Adelaide Fitout

When the Adelaide was being constructed, the majority of the fitout work was completed in Spain. This also included the fatigue mats on the bridge, where the officers stand when on lookout or steering the ship.

Being built to a budget, the contractor in charge of fitout had opted to use poor quality fatigue matting, with holes in it, made from a heavy vulcanised rubber compound. This matting option posed several problems, including…

  • It was not comfortable to stand on and provided no ergonomic benefits
  • As it had holes in it, debris and muck would fall down inside the holes, making it difficult to keep the bridge clean
  • Being heavy, it was difficult to move the mats should at any point one of them be required to be moved for cleaning purposes
  • The mats were made from vulcanised rubber, which is not ideal for a marine environment because the mats will absorb water and moisture over time, which can cause mould to grow and the mats to stink

New Anti-Fatigue Matting Installation

After an initial consultation period, Amco provided options to the Navy to test out onboard the Adelaide whilst it was on duty. With tests taking place over the course of 12 months, Amco then carried out a detailed measure up of the bridge, fitting into the Navy’s tight schedule of planned dockings, and provided a proposal on the project.

Once the Navy approved the proposal, Amco pre-manufactured the mats to specific sizes. At the next docking the install team worked quickly with Navy personnel and completed the install in time and within the budget.


The new matting performed above and expectations, delivering…

  • World class comfort and ergonomic relief to the back, legs, feet and knees of bridge personnel
  • A solid, one-piece construction meaning debris and muck can’t get down into the mat and cause a mess
  • An anti-microbial and closed cell formula that means the mat cannot absorb fluid, nor will mould grown on it when it does become wet.


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