ESD Mats (Electrostatic Discharge Mats) 

AMCO works with Australia and New Zealand’s electronics industry in keeping personnel comfortable and safe.

We provide premium-grade ESD (electrostatic discharge) mats that are versatile for use as a bench or floor mat. Providing excellent electrical grounding, our mats prevent damaging of sensitive electrical components such as motherboards and PCBs.

About our Electrical Matting Products

Our ESD mats are made of thick, hard-wearing anti-static materials that offer anti-fatigue properties along with a long product life. The mats’ versatility allows for use in various applications, such as pyrotechnics and chemical plans, including graphic arts.

We carry various standard sizes but can also custom-cut mats to your requirements. Our mats are available in numerous colours including the standard warning colours of Safety Yellow on black.

Manufactured and sourced for organisations that prioritise personnel safety and comfort, our mats are known for their intelligent design, high-grade finish and optimum grounding property. View our range and find the best solutions for creating an ESD protected area.

Amco Orthomaster ESD anti fatigue mat

ESD Orthomaster® Mat

Industry to use in: Food Processing, Industrial Manufacturing, Heavy Industry

Durability: ★★★★★

Comfort: ★★★★★

Grease/oil Resistance: Proof

Acid/Alkali Resistance: Resistant to all Alkali and acid based cleaning chemicals

Key points: Unbelievable ergonomic comfort for those doing shift work on concrete floors.

ESD Fraz Mat

Industry to use in: Industrial Manufacturing, Heavy Industry

Durability: ★★★★★

Fire Resistance: ★★★★★

Acid/Oil Resistance: Resistant to oils, petroleum, grease, water, and industrial-grade cleaners/acids.

Key points: Anti-Static Fire Resistant Matting designed and manufactured in Australia from specially formulated PVC for use in underground mining applications or environments where there is a risk of fire or explosion caused by static charge buildup. 

ESD Bench Matting

Industry to use in: Industrial Manufacturing, Heavy Industry

Durability: ★★★★★

Key points: Premium grade Dual Layer Rubber ESD Mat. The ultimate dual-layer ESD rubber bench mat

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