Defence Project – Thales, Bendigo Plant

Thales Defence Matting

The Thales Group is the ADFs leading defence contractor, manufacturing explosives, munitions, rifles and at their Bendigo plant, armoured vehicles.

The Bendigo Plant manufactures both the Hawkei and the Bushmaster for the Australian Army, and employs around 300 locals in the building of these beasts! Weighing in at 7 and 11 tonnes respectively, and capable of travelling at up to 100km these trucks play an important role in moving troops around.

When the factory was revamped in 2016, Amco was engaged to supply the Orthomaster orthopaedic anti fatigue matting for the new production lines. After two site visits to determine needs, locations and sizings, Amco supplied our orthopaedic Orthomaster mats to Thales.

As of 2022, the Orthomaster mats have been in location onsite for five years, with minimal wear and are still incredibly comfortable!


    Amco Orthomaster® Industrial Anti-Fatigue Mat
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    Orthomaster® Industrial Mat

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